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Newground's RPG

2008-09-07 17:51:48 by Jay-Cee

Scanning through the forums I discovered this thread. LINK

I played the demo and I was actually looking foward to the full game. Then I noticed the thread was nearly 4 years old and the game had been scrapped.

It seems a shame for such a good game go to waste. Thats why i'm starting my own NG RPG project. I can't tell you to much yet a i'm still working on that.

It'll be a big project and I will probably need to get a team together.

This will be a side-project originally, doing a few bits here and there while working on other project but once things are at a go-ahead I will start working on it full time.

If your interested in getting involved let me know.


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2008-09-22 14:57:49

I'm sorry.

Jay-Cee responds: